Editor's Note

Welcome to Issue III. 

We’re thrilled to once again welcome in a new year and a new chapter for our journal with this new issue release.

As we look back on Farside Review as both a publication and a team community over this last year, we couldn’t be happier to put out an issue that highlights what we value most in both the act of rediscovery and our identity as a literary magazine. 

Issue III’s 27 contributors breathe life into hidden goodbyes, the simultaneity of burials and rebirth, and what it means to be uncoupled and woven back together. They confront the end of the world through the longing gaze of a lover, explore the anatomy of a bite, and weave light into the haunts of familiar ghosts. They unveil new faces that underscore both legacies to remember and fresh hope for the unknown future, and we hope this issue will bring you just that for this new year. 

We can’t wait for you to explore these beautiful pieces, and as always, happy reading.


Helen Qian, Editor-in-Chief