Works from the Glas Head Series

Roberto Diaz

Gentelman of the Golden Age

The Reader


Madame Dath of the Glas


ROBERTO DIAZ was born in Bad-Sülze, Germany in 1985. He established an early interest in art making while growing up through experiences with art courses for children. After finishing school and university, he decided to follow his first passion, and studied Graphic Design for illustration and Painting in Rostock. While at the Design Academy, Roberto developed a love for the dark beautiful art. Inspired by H.R.Giger and Chris Mars, he started to study the masters and their works to get a better feeling and understanding for the twisted, dark, yet romantic expression. While working mostly with pencils and acrylics, it was in the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, that he implemented digital painting for creating his own dark Visions. Also during this period of time, he developed the “Glas Head Series": a collection of portraits and paintings inspired by Masters like Peter Paul Rubens and Elisabeth Wandel, where Roberto tries to evoke Emotions of the viewer by showing a dark yet beautiful alternate reality where the human bodies and portraits are often presented in a painful way combined and positive symbols like butterflies and the usage of warm colors. Right now, Roberto Diaz is part of the HINGE Artis Collective, a young group of artists from all over the world. He has exhibited his work not only in Germany but internationally, mainly in Europe and the USA. His preferred medium in painting is acrylics on canvas, and the digital creations are often mixed with his sketchbook drawings. He lives and works in Germany. You can find him on Instagram @roberto_diaz_arte_del_caos.