Our Mission

Established in 2020, Farside Review was conceived as a meditation on the lunar orbit.

For our eyes, the moon only ever wears one face; its “farside” is perpetually masked by a dance of rotation and revolution.

The light on the farside of the moon never reaches Earth. But that light shines all the same—on a mottled surface vastly different from the hemisphere we know, a surface shielded enough from human radio signal that its observation might offer a glimpse into the birth of the universe.

Farside Review is an online literary magazine focused on publishing emerging authors—because, in an age of unprecedented connection, the ingenuity of new voices captivates us in the same way the lunar farside does. In that vein, we’re looking for creative work that rediscovers the familiar, infusing universal themes with singular perspectives. 

We want to uncover the infinitely faceted nature of our art, our love, and our tragedies, and we welcome pieces that remix myths and experiment with form. So give us youthe inertia of memories that smear into your futurity, your crumpled edges of identity, your old stories threaded into new skins.

Show us your faces: the ones you wear, the ones you hide, the ones you hold onto instead of wiping away. We’re ready for you to subvert our expectations.