Gwendolyn Harper

Prose Reader

Gwendolyn Harper (She/hers) Is a bipolar, transgender writer, activist, and sex worker in Seattle Washington. She is the founder, publisher and EiC for Dreaming Gynoid studio.
Writing as the Maenad, their work has been featured in Bone Milk vol 2, Vulcanalia ’21, and Corporeal vol 1. also appearing at Beyond the Underground, 365 tomorrows, the Fahmidan Journal and other places.
Her first chapbook, the Ishtar Cycle, a work of trans erotic liberation, is available from Lupercalia press.
She loves myth, speculative fiction, queerness, and history, writing about sex, spirituality, colonialism, class, crime, inequality, and American life, somehow managing to sneak her great love of food and music into everything she does.
Find her on twitter @dreaminggynoid and IG @scarlet_Maenadum,
They blog occasionally at

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