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Conceived as a meditation on the lunar orbit, Farside Review is a quarterly online literary magazine focused on publishing emerging authors—because, in an age of unprecedented connection, the ingenuity of new voices captivates us in the same way the elusive “farside” of the moon does. 

In that vein, we aim to be a home for creative work that rediscovers the familiar, infusing universal themes with singular perspectives. We want to uncover the infinitely faceted nature of our art, our love, and our tragedies, and we welcome pieces that remix myths and experiment with form. 

So give us you—the inertia of memories that smear into your futurity, your crumpled edges of identity, your old stories threaded into new skins. We’re ready for you to subvert our expectations.

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Dana Blatte, Naomi Borwein, Michael Cooney, Sophie Isacks, Gurupreet Khalsa, Katherine Leonard, Emily Lu, Ashley Sapp, Grace Q. Song, Vivien Song, Esther Su, and Yash Wadwekar


Holly Allen, Alfredo Arcilesi, Mark Bolsover, Tasha Datta, Jessica Klimesh, and Alli Parrett


Sinéad Delaney and Michaela Mayer


Velibor Baćo, Caitlin Chung, Ionomycin, Michal Lukasiewicz, and Martin Mbuguah

Articles and Interviews

Features Section
Contributor Spotlight: A Conversation With Alfredo Salvatore Arcilesi - Issue I contributor Alfredo Salvatore Arcilesi discusses his story “Pasture Statues," his approach to writing twists, and balancing writing with full-time work.
A Conversation With Riya Cyriac - Riya M. Cyriac is the founder and Executive Director of the Young Writers Initiative and the editor-in-chief of Juven Magazine. You can find her work on the Ambient Heights Anthology, Inside of Me Anthology, and Misplaced Devotion anthology.
Contributor Spotlight: A Conversation With Holly Eva Allen - Issue I contributor Holly Eva Allen discusses her story “Forty-seven Forty-nine" and how literature and storytelling can challenge cultural perceptions.
A Conversation With Sydney Warner Brooman, Author of “The Pump” - Sydney Warner Brooman's "The Pump" seamlessly weaves together horror and reality.