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Conceived as a meditation on the lunar orbit, Farside Review is a quarterly online literary magazine focused on publishing emerging authors—because, in an age of unprecedented connection, the ingenuity of new voices captivates us in the same way the elusive “farside” of the moon does. 

In that vein, we aim to be a home for creative work that rediscovers the familiar, infusing universal themes with singular perspectives. We want to uncover the infinitely faceted nature of our art, our love, and our tragedies, and we welcome pieces that remix myths and experiment with form. 

So give us you—the inertia of memories that smear into your futurity, your crumpled edges of identity, your old stories threaded into new skins. We’re ready for you to subvert our expectations.

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Vanessa Bradley, Christ Keivom, Esther Kim, Gurupreet Khalsa, Sophia Liu, Ruth Niemiec, Yvanna Vien Tica, Sarah Renee Wollstonecraft, and Danae Younge


Brittany Ackerman, Jan M. Flynn, D.R. Humble, Mike Keller-Wilson, Samantha Liu, Salonee Verma, Eliza O’Keefe, and Kerri MacKenzie


Jasmine Williamson


Roberto Diaz, Irina Novikova, Khalil Vivo, R.F. Pangborn, and K.G. Ricci

Articles and Interviews

Features Section
A Conversation With Chad Norman - Chad Norman is a writer from Nova Scotia whose poems have appeared in literary magazines around the world over the course of 40 years. He has authored 19 books of poems and two children's books.
A Conversation With Danae Younge, Author of “Melanin Sun (−) Blind Spots” - Issue II contributor Danae Younge discusses her debut chapbook, "Melanin Sun (—) Blind Spots," which won the National Federation of State Poetry Societies' Florence Kahn Memorial Award.
A Conversation With Lyndsey Ellis, Author of “Bone Broth” - Lyndsey Ellis is the author of "Bone Broth," her debut novel centered around a family in the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri in the wake of the police shooting of Michael Brown in nearby Ferguson.
A Conversation With David Huebert, Author of “Chemical Valley” - David Huebert, winner of The Walrus Poetry Prize and CBC Short Story Prize, talks about his new short story collection "Chemical Valley," dirty nature writing, and the creative process.